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U.S. Navy Air Test and Evaluation Squadron VX-9 TIMS

The VX-9 squadron is staffed with active-duty US Navy and Marine personnel, government civilians and contractors who work together to support Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) of FA-18C/D, FA-18E/F, EA-18G, H-1 Upgrades (AH-1Z and UH-1Y) and AV-8B aircraft, their associated weapons and systems. When the U.S. Navy began preparations for Operational Test of the FA-18 E/F aircraft in 1996, it selected HTii to provide a data system and personnel to collect, store, analyze and report test-related data and to provide a long-term, traceable record of FA-18E/F operational test data and results. HTii built its first Test Information Management System (TIMS) for this task and has continued to expand TIMS capabilities and to provide onsite test data analyst support to VX-9 since that time.

The HTii TIMS is a Microsoft Access, or SQL Server, based data system that facilitates automated data collection and reporting at VX-9. The TIMS database contains the following integrated modules: Flight Debriefs, Questionnaires, Surveys, Deficiency Tracking and Reporting, Analysis Tools and Test Reports. The TIMS prompts test participants to ensure results and observations are captured for all objectives during each phase of testing and provides a repository for all OT&E-related information. Another integrated module of the TIMS database, which can be operated in in a standalone mode, collects Reliability, Maintainability, Logistics Supportability and Availability (RMLA) data from Optimized NALCOMIS and associated data sources, performs calculations and generates actual performance metrics for the system(s) under test, including Built-In-Test (BIT) data from the FA-18 Automated Maintenance Environment (AME) and the H-1 Aircraft Maintenance Event Ground Station (AMEGS). The TIMS at VX-9 incorporates uniquely developed data interfaces for the FA-18, EA-18G, H-1 and AV-8B aircraft platforms, and allows near-real-time monitoring of RMLA against requirements during the flight test period.

HTii provides onsite and offsite support to VX-9 through database design and development, automated import from aircraft and administrative data systems and tailoring unique data reports. Through the TIMS database, HTii provides the squadron an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the relationships between past and current tests as well as the ability to verify that the systems under test meet specifications and satisfy operational requirements. HTii analysts are uniquely qualified to help plan and execute tests that generate, collect and report data relevant to mission and system requirements. We constantly review both formal requests and internally generated customer needs to develop better tools that support test preparation, execution and reporting. Our objective is to provide an integrated picture of OT&E results that optimizes the warfighting capabilities of our Naval forces and minimizes risk to the young men and women who operate and maintain them.

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