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Corporate Overview

HTii (formerly Holmes-Tucker International, Inc.) is an internationally recognized, employee-owned small business that provides advanced information technology and professional engineering services over a broad range of management and technical areas. The company was formed in 1989 with contracts supporting the United States government, private industry and international customers. In July 1999 our company transitioned from a privately owned, disadvantaged (8a) small business to an employee-owned small business. We currently have three principal business locations in the United States.

Since the company was founded, HTii has developed a record of excellent customer service. We have evolved the company’s core business competency from management training to advanced information technology and professional engineering services for military and commercial organizations.

Vision Statement

We will continue to build upon our reputation for providing innovative information technology tools and engineering services that exceed our customers’ expectations. We will continue to evolve our technology, skills and processes that provide exceptional value to our current customers and concurrently expand our products and services to reach new customers.

Our continued success depends on our ability to recruit and retain employee-owners who share our core values and our dedication to customer service and satisfaction.

Mission Statement

We implement state-of-the-art information systems that allow our customers to create, retain, relate and access their data quickly and easily. We provide engineering and information analysis of unparalleled value to our customers through use of our proven methodologies, unique expertise, tailored interfaces, and continuing support of our products and services.

We are a team. We must become and remain an integral part of each organization we support and continuously focus on its future needs. Our success is a result of our unique ability to work together; and our personal, direct involvement with each customer.

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