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Quality Assurance

HTii is committed to ensuring that all teammates will hold their work to the same high standard of quality that we do. HTii will ensure all subcontractors comply with our high quality assurance through regularly scheduled meetings with our teammates to address quality issues on awarded task orders. Where we integrate our teammates on a Task Order, we will ensure that they are fully trained in our quality processes and procedures.

Our workforce and product quality are monitored and reported through weekly activity reports to the President, regular management visits to each of our customers and bi-monthly technical reviews. We have a number of other management tools that indirectly support this, including monthly contract reports for current work, annual employee evaluations, and a bonus/awards program for exceptional job performance.

We currently have a close, professional relationship with each of our customers – without exception. Based on our recent experience, they are very comfortable with approaching any of our site or program managers with problems, proposals for improvement and new business. Our customers also don’t hesitate to call the President directly on time-sensitive or “outside the box” ideas and recommendations. In fact, we encourage this by always ensuring that we provide formal feedback and implementation of any ideas possible. Customer relationships are a particularly strong area of HTii’s and our teaming partner’s management style.

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