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                                                                                                   PMA-290 manages the acquisition programs of the Maritime Patrol and

                                                                                                   Reconnaissance Force (MPRF), and HTii provides support for two of these

                                                                                                   programs: MPRF Family of Systems (FoS) Planning and Development and

                                                                                                   Airborne Multi-Intelligence and Special Missions (AMISM).

MPRFs execute anti-submarine warfare (ASW), anti-surface warfare (ASuW) and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions. The family is comprised of current aircraft (P-3 Orion, EP-3E ARIES and Special Projects Aircraft (SPA)), aircraft in development (P-8A Poseidon and Broad Area Maritime Surveillance Unmanned Aerial System (BAMS UAS)), and a family of special mission-capable platforms to recapitalize the aging fleet.

The MPRF FoS P&D Team supports platform teams with planning and development services to include interoperability, capability roadmaps, mature integrated requirements, technology assessments and Community of Interest (COI) alignment and governance support. The Team thereby enables faster capability deployment of integrated platforms and systems with lower total ownership costs to support Navy and Joint Operational Commanders. HTii leads the effort, for the first time, to develop requirements at a holistic, family of systems level, while using a capabilities-based engineering approach to integrate these requirements with architectures and risks.

The AMISM Team is focused on developing capability upgrades for EP-3E and Special Projects Aircraft (SPA), to enable these 40 year old platforms to meet the evolving threat environment in order to execute their ISR and special missions well into the 2020’s. The program is supporting the US Coast Guard as it upgrades its communications systems and is developing a Quick Reaction Capability for the P-8A. The IPT is also one of the first programs in NAVAIR to take over as the Lead Systems Integrator (LSI). HTii personnel provide requirements management support using DOORS and our Requirements Management System (RMS), risk management support using Risk Exchange, and overall systems engineering support such as revising specifications and revamping Systems Engineering Plans (SEP).

PMA-290 Maritime Patrol & Reconnaissance

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