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The PMA-281 CCS program provides a common user interface, framework and components that can be integrated with or tested on a variety of emerging and legacy Navy unmanned platforms.


CCS will provide unmanned vehicles with primary mission control, mission planning, dynamic airspace,

external messaging and communication, sensor product payload (Processing, Exploitation and Dis-

semination (PED)), support services, infrastructure/governance and a decoupled presentation layer.

CCS’s open software architecture will be agile and scalable to support evolving requirements.

HTii supports the PMA-281 CCS program in Requirements Management and Change Management.

Utilizing IBM’s Dynamic Object-Oriented Requirements System (DOORS) database, HTii provides a

detailed outlook of current and historical requirements, as well as the ability to integrate new or mod-

ified requirements as they are developed.

PMA-281 Unmanned System Common Control System (CCS)

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