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                                                       Mission: The Presidential Helicopters Program Office (PMA-274) has the responsibility of providing current

                                                       (In-Service) and future (VXX) safe and timely helicopter transportation for the President and Vice President

                                                       of the United States, heads of state and other official parties. The global nature of these commitments

                                                       requires aircraft to deploy worldwide and operate in varying environmental and climatic conditions

                                                       without mission degradation. To meet these needs a new vertical lift system is required to provide safe,

                                                       survivable, timely, flexible, dependable, worldwide movement support and maintain information

                                                       availability and communications connectivity necessary to execute the Office of the President. As the

                                                       current VH-3D and VH-60N airframes near the end of their sustainable life, PMA-274 and the VXX Team

                                                       are preparing to acquire a new vertical lift system in support of Office of the President of the United States.

HTii provides on and off-site requirements management in the form of systems engineering analysis, requirements development, traceability, verification and validation to support PMA-274’s acquisition responsibilities. This capability enhances the ability of program managers, engineers, testers, evaluators and logisticians to make fact-based decisions, to document those decisions for future reference, and to maintain a highly accurate, timely and complete accountability of the program throughout the VXX system’s life cycle. We maintain and provide access to all top-level requirements-related information through the Program Office SharePoint Integrated Data Environment, with readily accessible links to program management information developed by the associated architecture, risk management and test validation/verification tools used within the Program Office. HTii personnel help develop, maintain, verify and validate system requirements within the program’s Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System (DOORS) database and link them to required United States Marine Corps (USMC) operational capabilities and both United States (US) and Department of Defense (DoD) policy and standards. In support of VXX program managers, engineers and logisticians, we link internally and externally generated requirements, analyze and rationalize differences between these requirements and engineering capabilities and maintain the rationalized master requirements set for the program. This linked requirements set is used to monitor system development, testing, verification, validation and delivery of mission capabilities in the form of a new vertical lift system to support the Office of the President.

PMA-274 VH-92A Presidential Helicopters Program

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