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                                                The Joint Precision Approach and Landing System (JPALS) will provide aircraft a precision approach                                                                   landing capability in limited ceiling and visibility conditions for fixed base, tactical, and sea-based                                                                       operating environments. HTii provides the requirements management and associated analytical services                                                           to develop, track and coordinate requirements specifications and system testing/validation, starting with                                                           the Capabilities Description Document (CDD).

The Requirements Management System (RMS) provides detailed linkage to program source

and reference documentation, as well as to the unique requirements and implementation

schedules of JPALS users. This is an example of a small NAVAIR program that influences and

in some cases defines future Sea Power force projection capabilities. While JPALS provides

enhanced capability to existing aircraft, it is a critical component of the JSF’s all-weather

capability and the only currently envisioned way to operate large unmanned aircraft from

ships at sea. JPALS program managers require detailed program requirements from all po-

tential users, and conversely, future air systems need detailed requirements, specification and

schedule information from the JPALS program to deliver combat capability to the fleet. This

program will provide NAVAIR one of the first direct assessments of the feasibility and effect-

iveness of “system of systems” management concept at the program requirements/

specification level of detail.


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