HTii Webinar: Data Migration from Rational DOORS 9 to DOORS Next Gen

HTii will present a webinar July 2, 2015, on migrating data from Rational DOORS 9 to DOORS Next Generation.
(Update: A recording of the webinar is now available at the registration link below.)

Both are IBM requirements-management applications, but there are fundamental differences. DOORS 9 is built upon a traditional desktop client/server architecture, while DOORS Next Generation is a Web-based tool that’s part of the Jazz collaborative lifecycle management suite. DOORS Next Generation works in concert with other Jazz tools to provide a comprehensive solution for not only requirements management but also architecture, work item tracking and continuous integration.

The webinar will outline two data transfer methods: one with .csv files and the other with the Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF), a type of XML file. Presenters Adam Hammett and Andrew Ridenour will discuss the uses and limitations of both methods and provide a detailed walkthrough for each. Although the main focus will be on migrating data from DOORS 9 to DOORS NG, the session will also provide a broad understanding of how DOORS NG accepts .csv and .ReqIF files.

The session starts at 11:00 AM EDT and is expected to last for approximately one hour.

Register for the webinar at