Israel begins concept work on Arrow-4 defender

Defense and industry sources assess the specter of massive salvo strikes, sub-munition warheads and multiple reentry vehicles, or MRV, as the next major technological challenges that Israel’s integrated, multitiered national …

General Atomics Railgun System Heading for Testing

The 10-megajoule medium-range multi-mission railgun system, one of two prototypes in development for the service, has completed final assembly and factory acceptance test, General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems recently announced.

The Path to a 355 Ship Navy

The question if the U.S. Navy will achieve its goal of building a 355-ship fleet will largely rest on if the U.S. Congress can repeal the Budget Control Act of …

The carrier Ford’s first flight ops

The wait is over and it’s now official: The Gerald R. Ford is now officially an aircraft carrier, having recovered and launched aircraft four different times.

F-35 Lightning: up and away

In both air-to-air and air-to-ground roles, the ability to detect 4th-generation and earlier enemy aircraft and other threats and targets without being itself detected enables the F-35 to take action …

The Coming Laser Wars?

A new era of laser warfare may soon be dawning, thanks to lasers’ usefulness for countering two important weapons systems: drones and long-range missiles.