Drone sailboat transforms into spy sub

The hybrid drone can dive to depths of about 660 feet, which makes it useful not only for avoiding detection, but to discreetly conduct its own surveillance as well.

DARPA launches CASE for inherent cyber defence

It would be considered an essential component of a system’s design from the outset, no matter what its ‘functional properties’, i.e. the precise role it is designed to carry out.

Why the C-130 Is Such a Badass Plane

Lockheed says the C-130 has flown at least 100 different missions in its 63-year-old life, including its most recent return to the military limelight.

US Marines continue F-35B workup in Japan

The first Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter squadron to deploy overseas is continuing the type’s expeditionary workup, conducting training exercises to operate the aircraft in real-world scenarios …